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Is solar right for you?


Solar panels are good for the environment, but what’s their effect economically?  That’s the question Northern Plains Electric Cooperative was searching for when they installed a 16-panel solar system at our Carrington office in 2015 as a research project. With the help of funding partners USDA Rural Development, the North Dakota Department of Commerce and Northern Plains' sister coopertaive Dakota Valley, the co-ops installed a 6.56 kW system. 


Choosing a system

Before you install any solar or wind generation system, you are required to apply for an interconnection agreement with Northern Plains Electric and get prior approval from the co-op for the equipment you are planning to purchase and install.  Check out all the policies applicable to this or give us a call before you purchase anything.

         *Distributed Generation Policy
         *Engineering Data Submittal for the Interconnection of Generation System

After doing our own research, Northern Plains Electric chose a 6.56-kilowatt solar system to install at their Carrington office headquarters. Click on the Solar link below to see this systems kwh output in real time along with a history of its performance. 

* Review the project's progress in real time.




Press related to the Solar Research Project:

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