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Operation Round Up FAQs

What is Operation Round Up?

Operation Round Up is a program originally developed in 1989 by Palmetto Electric in Hilton Head Island, SC. The idea was to round electric bills up to the next highest dollar and use the funds collected for charitable purposes. For example, if your electric bill is $127.50, your bill would be rounded up to the next highest dollar and you would pay $128.00. The extra fifty cents would then be placed in a fund and distributed for charitable purposes.

How can I participate in Operation Round Up?

In order to participate in Operation Round Up, you probably don't have to do anything! Your bill may already be enrolled in Operation Round Up! If it is typically "rounded up" to even numbers--$68 instead of $67.44, for example, then, most likely, you are already enrolled.

If you are NOT enrolled, you can easily become a participant. Simply call our office 1-800-882-2500 to enroll today.

However, if you choose NOT to participate, call our office 1-800-882-2500 and ask for your name to be removed from the Operation Round Up program.

How do you apply for Operation Round Up funds?

Applications are available at both the Cando and Carrington office for individuals or organizations in need. The correct form must be completed and forwarded to the cooperative. The Operation Round-Up board reviews all applications and makes decisions on fund disbursement.

How much am I contributing every month?

Donations will range for 1 cent to 99 cents per month. Each month the donation will vary, depending on the amount of your electric bill. There will be a separate line on your electric bill indicating the amount donated to the Operation Round Up fund in that particular month.

Are Operation Round Up donations limited to cooperative members?

Donations may be made to any organization within the outer boundaries of the Northern Plains Electric service area as well as indivudals that ARE members of Northern Plains Electric. 

What types of donations are made with Operation Round Up funds?

According to the bylaws, the Operation Round Up Board is allowed to make donations to any worthy charitable cause, with the exception that no Operation Round Up funds can be used for political purposes.

Are Operation Round Up donations tax exempt?

Operation Round Up donations are tax exempt, and Northern Plains Electric will notify each participating member at the end of the year of their total annual contribution.

What is the average annual contribution of a customer to Operation Round Up?

The average contribution is six dollars ($6) per year but donations can range anywhere from 12 cents to $11.88 per year.

Who decides who receives the funds?

An Operation Round Up board of directors will distribute the funds. Operation Round Up board members are from throughout are service area.

Are all Operation Round Up board members also members of the Cooperative?

Yes, Operation Round Up bylaws state that board members must also be members of Northern Plains Electric Cooperative.

How often will the board meet?

The Operation Round Up boards meets every quarter, in the months of March, June, September, and December.

When are applications due?

Applications must be returned by the 20th of the month pior to the next meeting for consideration.

How much is contributed to the fund thus far?

Since the Operation Round Up program was launched at Northern Plains in 1998, over $750,000 has been disbursed to worthy causes.

Will we be able to find out where the money goes?

Yes, one of the functions of the Operation Round Up board is to make a presentation at the annual meeting. Also, we will publish the disbursements in the center pages of our magazine.

Is there a limit to how much any individual or organization can receive?

Yes, $2,500 has been set as the maximum amount awarded to any one individual or organization.

Does NPEC benefit from Operation Round Up?

No. Northern Plains Electric personnel helps administer the program as a complimentary service to the organization. Northern Plains Electric does not receive any kind of monetary or in-kind reimbursements from Operation Round Up for its services. All "rounded up" funds flow directly into the Operation Round Up trust and are overseen by the Operation Round Up board.


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